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► Terrenos y Naves (Land and Warehouses) Gonitezt was founded in 1998 to make it easier to find real estate property in the industrial and business areas of the Canary Islands.

► Soon thereafter our business project developed into, further simplifying the seach for real estate properties which were right for each of our numerous clients.

► Reliability, professionalism and discretion are the foundation upon which our company is built.

► Thanks to, you will have full access to all the necessary infrastructure for a possible expansion or relocation or for commencing a new business or project.

► We have locations in all the islands of the Canary archipelago, and our consultant team provide you with the best offers, adjusting their efforts to meet your specific needs.

► With us, there are no delays, and our full attention will be give to your requests.

 ► Do not hesitate: contact us by telephone, by email or by filling out the following application form.

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